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Vestaboard Brand Films

  • clientVestaboard
  • dateDecember 28th 2024
  • roleCreative Agency and Production
  • DELIVERABLESBrand Film, Brand Photography, Social Series, Social Strategy & Content Calendar

Vestaboard, a smart messaging board, is designed to keep people connected, collaborative, and inspired. monopo crafted a series of brand films to convey how this unique product, one that seamlessly blends analog and digital elements, is more than a messaging board but a source of inspiration - from anywhere.

The main storyline of the brand film drew inspiration from genuine customer experiences and allowing for a narrative that could be crafted into mini-episodes for social media. In each film, a different character from a different location interacts with Vestaboard to connect, collaborate, or unleash their creativity.

Vestaboard seamlessly integrates into various scenarios, from an affluent retiree cherishing moments with his grandson to a young graphic designer seeking inspiration at work. The distinctive flipping sound as the letters spin draws attention as people instinctively look up, eagerly anticipating a new message or an artwork materializing on Vestaboard. In each story, we captured this moment of anticipation, where different characters days are made that much more inspirational thanks to Vestaboard.

The Vestaboard app empowers users to effortlessly send messages and perform more functions on Vestaboard from any corner of the world. From displaying the current Spotify or Sonos playlist to keeping up with NFL scores, syncing with Slack, or even engaging in friendly competition with Strava scores, Vestaboard transcends its role as a mere message board.

Being a global agency with teammates in Tokyo, London, and Paris, our excitement was immediate upon discovering a product that facilitated staying connected and collaborative beyond the confines of a Zoom screen. The relatability inspired the drive to create films that celebrate the playful contrasts the brand embodies—effectively blurring the lines between digital and analog, home and work, and local and global.

Andy Kai Nagashima

Andy Nagashima is a Japanese-American multidisciplinary creator based in New York and Tokyo. He is a video editor and director who has worked on films for brands such as adidas, Air New Zealand, Yamaha, Nike and Suntory. As a lo-fi hip-hop/r&b/pop musician himself, Andy has directed and edited a lot of music videos for his friends’, friends of friends’, and his own music. As an artist, Andy has played with musicians across Japan and the US including Mac Demarco, Seiho, Kid Fresino, BADBADNOTGOOD, SZA, and AraabMuzik. He also happens to take 35mm film photos every now and then on cheap Fuji film with cameras that always seem to break.

  • Creative Producer monopo
    Georgi Roberts
  • Plannermonopo
    Toshika Kosako
  • Art Directormonopo
    Mei Kanamoto
  • Director of Photography
    Yuuki Shimizu
  • Gaffer
    Cole Terra
  • 1st AC
    Hunter Villano
  • Grip
    Diego B. Garcia
  • Editor
    Chester Yi Zhong
  • Sound Designer
    Andy Nagashima
  • Colorist
    Lida Ostapchuk
  • Music
    Sleeping At Last
  • G&E
    Greenwood Cinema Rentals
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